Showing and presenting my past work is often a challenge. What you should know: my trajectory is not a linear one. Journalism led to Strategy, Strategy led back to culture and writing, and the blend of the two is where I am now: helping those with the ambition to make a difference tell their stories; connect with their audiences in an authentic way; foster and articulate their ideas; create meaningful and resonant business plans. 

You’ll see: Journalism, integrated marketing campaigns and hero commercials.

The rest: current projects. Narrative brand strategy, news media start up brand strategy and content conception, creation and production.

I interpret my favorite Joan Didion quote, “We tell ourselves stories in order to live,” (The White Album) to mean that we all need stories to make sense of ourselves, our lives, the things that happen, our values, our desires, etc. These events include the mass amounts of messaging we intake every day, whether it’s the news or a t-shirt with a slogan on it, or a marketing campaign. I believe all of these messages and all of these stories have the capability of shaping, explaining and influencing our worlds.

I want to make sure that the problems we face as humans and as businesses are tackled with care and rigor from start to finish, as they’ll soon be woven into the stories people tell themselves to make decisions, to form opinions, to define the world.