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Honeybee. A feminist newsletter dedicated to listening to all women who are moving the needle forward in their own way. We were missing the middle ground of stories of women who aren’t infallible activists or wildly successful businesswomen. We’re talking to women (and not editing out) who are grappling with the complexities of gender and power today. We’re looking for honesty and nuance, and hoping to open the aperture of what “doing something” to help means in 2019.

For now it’s conversations with women in culture, politics, art, activism and more who in small or large ways are grappling with the issues of power, gender and their place in society in a more-or-less public way. We genuinely believe that by providing the point of view of women who are doing their part in the best way they know how, we can show you (and ourselves) that women all over this country are finding ways to move the needle forward, and that despite what you may hear, it’s helpful and reassuring to know that no one is perfect, and no one has all the answers. 

All we ask of you, dear subscribers, is that you share these bimonthly conversations with your friends and that you have conversations offline about the issues that matter to you. And since a driving part of the honeybee mission is about conversation and community, we invite you to tell us what you think, who you want to hear from and what issues matter to you. We want to know what (if anything) you learned, what you loved and even what you hated. Send us a DM, an email, text us if you have our numbers, get things going in the IG comments section. We’ll probably ask to publish anything we find thought-provoking. We have big plans for honeybee and we want you with us on this journey. 

Finally, our name. We switched our name to a creature we feel is oddly representative of the women we know. The honeybee, you surely know, is a famous and prolific matriarchy (Queen Bee, anyone?) built on collaboration and community that facilitates and cultivates the beauty and natural productivity of this world. Though honeybees are threatened, they’ve shown massive resilience and are making a comeback. We think it’s pretty fitting, but we promise to never call anything a hive or use buzzy copywriting. 

Make sure to check out our Instagram @read_honeybee.

I co-founded this newsletter with women’s political history specialist and former colleague Danielle Balderas and designer and former colleague Clare Jensen.

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