I'm back from my year in Europe. I've been back, actually, for awhile. But not only has my schedule not really allowed, I haven't quite known how to sum up the experience beyond the "I'm so glad I went, but I'm so happy to be home" phrase I've heard coming out of my mouth a lot lately. I will say it was perfect timing for me to have made that step away from working full time. An intellectual reset was exactly what I needed, and a social shakeup wasn't easy but was probably pretty important. 

It was also a weird year in the west, politically and socially, an especially weird one to have as an American with a European vantage point. But this is not the place to talk about that. If any readers of this post want to talk about that IRL, I'd be so happy to -- I'm just not quite ready to put that all down in writing, though I'm hoping to at some point. 

A spattering of photos below, from Morocco to London to Nevis to Formentera to Berlin and back. click through :)